experience a unique hospitality in Mani at the edge between sky and sea...

Double Studio with panoramic sea view

your house

The welcoming, warm space of the Double Studio will make you feel cozy and comfortable in its nostalgically decorated rustic environment, while the unrivaled view from the veranda will provide you and your partner with moments for reminiscence and absolute tranquility.




sea view

traditional style

In the Double Studio, the classic style furnishings are harmoniously combined with traditional elements, and perfectly coexist with the natural stone and wood. Create unique memories sitting next to the beautiful fireplace, in the cozy kitchen, or on the sofa recliner, and feel the energy of the old Mani houses.

magnificent view

The turquoise waters of the bay of Oitylo and the mountain ridges touching the clear sky create a dreamy postcard view.


In the old days, if a family committed an act that offended another family, a vendetta would be born, called "gdikiomos" or dikiomos. The feud between the families did not happen in secret. Instead, the village bells would ring, and the two rivals would go to their towers for the fight. Some respite was allowed during "treva", that is, when it was time for ploughing, sowing, harvesting, threshing, and for gathering the olives. Once the harvest was over, the feud between the families resumed.

an unforgettable stay!

Enjoy the luxurious services of Akrolithi and experience a stay you will always remember!

studio amenities

- heating / air condition

- satellite TV

- mini fridge

- electric kettle, coffee & tea parafernalia

- king size bed

- branded mattress

- branded bio cosmetics

- fireplace

- equipped kitchenette

- private balcony with outdoor furniture

studio services

- daily housekeeping

- linen changing every two days

- extra housekeeping upon request

- 12hour room services

- breakfast service 08:00 - 11:00

- late breakfast until 12:00 upon request

- breakfast in package upon request

hotel facilities

- free wifi

- 24hour reception

- luggage storage

- computer/laptop/tablet/printer machine available

- lounderette & ironing services

- dry cleaning upon request

- living room & worktop at the reception

- beach towers upon request

- panoramic sea view

- restaurant bar

- charging station

- bike friendly

- eco friendly

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