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Akrolithi Covid Policy

Akrolithi Boutique Hotel & Guesthouse in Mani is committed to provide you with a safe environment that aligns with expert protocols from the World Health Organisation and regulations from the Greek Government for working to defeat COVID-19. 

akrolithi covid



We follow the European & National Protocols about Covid 19


In our accommodation we observe all the planned disinfection measures both in the common areas and in the rooms with increased sensitivity. Our complex consists of 3 buildings which are autonomous and are located next to each other. With this layout there is no overcrowding of many rooms on the same level. The accommodation provides online check-in and you are able to send documents by e-mail.We are here for you to provide you unique moments and experiences during your accommodation.

We are redefining our already rigorous cleaning and safety standards by providing enhanced training to our Team Members, increased cleaning procedures of public areas and adjusted food & beverage services, to ensure our guests enjoy a worry-free stay. We feel it is important to reach out to you the actions we are taking to keep our facilities safe and healthy. Our teams carefully follow the adequate cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection protocols. These protocols assist in illness prevention and include:


Medical Support for Guests

In order to offer high standard healthcare services to any guest that might need it, we have cooperated with the Health Center of Areopolis. Areopolis Health Center and Dr. Mariolis Anargyros, well-educated people whose first priority is to offer high quality patient centered healthcare services to Travelers visiting Mani and Foreign individuals living or working in Mani.


Public Spaces

Starting with our public spaces and high-traffic areas, we are going above and beyond our normal protocols. The cleaning frequency has been increased while using appropriate disinfection products and highly trained staff. We have also invested in the nebulizer technology and supplements with antibacterial use – certified by the World Health Organization for sanitizing public spaces. (corridors, stares and elevator are included too) and increased cleaning policies for guest key cards and devices shared by associates. The planned rodenticide has been carried out in all areas of the facility.


Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizing stations are installed in various locations around the hotel such as entrances, front desk, elevator, restaurants and bars, public restrooms, floor foyers.


Rooms & Suites

In guest rooms, we have elevated our rigorous protocols to thoroughly clean all surfaces with recommended cleaning products(nebulizer). We have also created a specific plan for Extra disinfection of the most frequently touched guests room areas e.g. light switches, door handles, remote controls, thermostats and more. The bed linen is washed at very high temperatures with suitable certified disinfectants (specifically for Covid-19).Furthermore we have removed all paper amenities from the room (pens, paper, guest directory) which will be available upon request.


New Technologies

We have invested in new technologies in order to offer you an upgraded and safe experience.
Guests will now be able to use pre Check-In to avoid lines and overcrowded stations and will just visit the reception upon arrival to get their room key. Also, all menus, the hotel directory of the hotel and the area information will be available to our guests via the given e-mail.

The company maintains an electronic file of all the individuals staying at the hotel – name, nationality, passport / ID number, arrival and departure date, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail) – so that it is possible to communicate with close contacts in case of a case of COVID-19, which can be identified afterwards, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and inform all visitors that a file is kept for reasons of public health protection.

Given the current concerns related to the new coronavirus 2019 (covid-19), we have established house rules that, along with adequate sanitation protocols, safety methods and operation procedures, guarantee the well-being of our guests during their stay with us. These rules include:

  • We advise our guests to keep one and a half (1.5) meters distance from the person next in line while approaching any indoors help-desk (reception, bar, buffet).
  • We provide face masks, gloves and antiseptics for our guests in all of our public space of the hotel.
  • We inform of the maximum use of our elevators by two adults, and of the use of a face mask.
  • We have reduced by 1/3rd our restaurants’ capacity by arranging our spaces to meet the new required distances. We adjusted our breakfast buffet, so all our delicacies are served without the use of shared utensils (tongs). All packaging is for one use, ecological, and the utensils used, meet the hygiene standards for the indicated temperatures.
  • Entering and leaving our restaurants for their meals, our guests are being advised to use the special hand sanitizers placed for that purpose at all our restaurants’ entrances.
  • For our guests’ Room Service, we apply new procedures for ordering, delivering, and collecting trays.
  • To avoid any health issues that may be caused from goods and/or services brought from third parties and consumed in-house we do not allow off-property food delivery services.
  • We encourage our visitors to get in touch with any member of our team for recommendations and/or remarks that will improve our operations.
  • Our aim is to provide high-quality personalized services. All our team members are enthusiastic professionals at our guests’ disposal, responding promptly and effectively to their requests.



At our restaurants we have adhere to the safety distance setting and complied with the mandated occupancy limits. We will continue to adjust our food service in accordance with food safety recommendations. We will also deep clean and sanitize, after each use, tables, seating chairs and payment machines. Room service will also continue to operate under strict measures to ensure your safety.

For our team members of the operating departments who join the daily shifts we took the following actions:


Restrictions for a limited number of people in the workplace are respected

  • We have provided everyone with all recommended protective gear.
  • We continue to regularly disinfect work surfaces, as well as public and back-office areas.
  • We took measures to limit social hubs and keep a safe distance between team members (1,5m+).
  • As part of our commitment for the health and well-being of our guests, employees, and community, we are carefully monitoring the new coronavirus (covid19) situation through regular updates and guidance from the Hellenic Health Organization (E.O.D.Y.) and the National Health Ministry, as well as additional government and European organizations.
  • Based on the guidance we have received and our general state of readiness, we are confident our operations continue to be safe and ready to serve our guests.


We are very proud of our company’s teams who in these unprecedented circumstances show a very high level of self, social, as well as professional responsibility. In addition to their immediate compliance with strict hygiene, operational, communication, and coordination rules, they are exemplary hosts.

We value each guest that honors us with a visit to our destination. The magnificent area of Mani!