experience a unique hospitality in Mani at the edge between sky and sea...

akrolithi gastronomy

taste all of Mani in a single bite!

authentic flavors and aromas of Mani cuisine



handmade local flavors

Food is the memories, our childhood, a caress on the soul, the thread that connects us with the history, the customs and the uniqueness of our land. With these thoughts in mind we created a menu full of the authentic delicacies of Mani.
Discover the authenticity of the taste of our handmade sourdough bread, make your soul rejoice with a plate of noodles or trachanas, taste Greece with a sourdough dakos with tomato, capers and local feta cheese. Get to know our traditional dishes, choosing pork with celery, roasted rooster with spaghetti, or ‘tsoukti’ pasta, all based on years of tradition, made with local ingredients, and unlimited love for our land.
*Anartygo" in our dialect means “food without oil”.



café - bar

moments of relaxation

In the atmospheric spaces of our restaurant that operates from early in the morning until late at night and as a cafe-bar, you will enjoy moments of complete relaxation. You will lazily drink a Greek coffee under the bright sun, quench your thirst with a homemade lemonade made from the lemons of our garden, or be treated to a raki with your friends.
Our light, healthy and delicious snacks with ingredients from our garden or region will completely satisfy your desire for something savory while lovers of sweets will succumb to the temptation of a juicy orange pie, a fragrant walnut pie or delicious chocolate brownies.
And as the moon paints the sea silver, you will enjoy the idyllic atmosphere sipping your drink or a cocktail inspired by the herbs and colors of Mani, an ideal end to your day.  



traditional breakfast

Breakfast for us at Akrolithi is the best way to introduce you to our land and its tradition through authentic flavors, pure ingredients and homespun care.
Enjoy it in the elegant spaces of our restaurant, and... spread our famous local honey on the freshly baked bread that comes out every morning hot from the wood oven... taste our homemade jams from seasonal fruits and feel their aromas overwhelm you... fill with energy with every sip of our freshly squeezed orange juice... try the traditional cheese pies, herb pies, milk pies and our diples that you will find in the rich buffet of the most delicious breakfast you have ever eaten!  

our menu


breakfast drinks

- coffees (espresso, greek, filter, instant)

- teas (Taygetos tea with aromatic herbs of Mani, variety of other types)

- chocolate drinks (hot or cold)

- Fresh Orange Juice

- milk (complete or light)


handmade marmalades

- from various fruits such as, raspberry, apple, strawberry, orange, apricot, plum


organic honey of Mani


organic tahini of Mani


daily from the wood oven of Itilos village:

- freshly kneaded bread

- different types of rusk 

- toasts


handmade pies

- cheese pie with local feta 

- green pie with wild herbs of Mani

- sweet bougatsa

- the traditional fried bread of Mani


fresh eggs of the area 

- boiled

- fried

- omelette


traditional cheese of Mani "Sfela" and a variety of other cheese types


local syncline and various other types of cold cuts


fresh seasonal fruits


fresh season salads


handmade sweets

- traditional milk pie

- pecan pie

- orange pie

- ravani

- spoon sweets


other sweets

- cake

- butter croissant

- chocolate croissant

- apple pies

- various cookies


* A special menu for people with allergies or special eating habits is also available on request


Sandwiches & Wraps

Fresh Salads



Tradirional Dishes

Traditional Pies

Salty Crepes & Waffles


Handmade Millefeuille with crisp puff pastry and a velvety crème patisserie

Italian Tiramisu on a crisp savayar base & aromatic coffee cream

Traditional chocolate mosaic

Chocolate soufflé

Fruit salad

Greek yoghurt with fruit, nuts & honey

Greek yogurt with homemade spoon sweet

Sweet Crepes & Waffles

Ice Creams





Milk Shakes

Fresh Juices

Soft Drinks


White Wines

Roze Wines

Red Wines

Sparkling Wines







some of our dishes...

pasta with eggs
greek salad
cheese pie
pork with celery
chocolate souffle
yogurt with fruits, nuts & honey

award winning Greek breakfast

Akrolithi participates in the “Greek Breakfast”, a pioneering initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, which connects and utilizes the cultural-gastronomic wealth of the country with the Greek tradition.