experience a unique hospitality in Mani at the edge between sky and sea...


An ideal way to discover Mani bit by bit and to find yourself even in its most secluded and hidden beauties, the bicycle. Crossing the countless routes offered by the Mani landscape, away from busy tourist spots, you will encounter traditional, stone-built villages perched on hills, beaches with unbeaten sand, and alternating revelations of the natural landscape and rich culture. On these bike routes, Akrolithi, certified as a Bike Friendly Hotel, will be here to equip you with modern bikes, the necessary equipment and cycling maps, while our partners, experts in the organization of outdoor activities will be by your side offering their knowledge and experience. 


They say that to really get to know an area, you have to walk it. And they are right. Mainly in the areas of Mani, where the inhabitants communicated through paths that connected their villages, and crossed kilometers for the needs of their livelihood, the same routes give the modern walker the ability to become thoroughly acquainted with the land. The hike is interrupted by stops imposed by the landscape itself, to stand and listen, to take deep breaths of history and self-knowledge in front of tower houses perched on cliffs, impressive medieval castles and the mysterious charm that emerges from gorges and caves.

horseback riding

In the place that has a special love for horses, a walk on the back of these proud animals is born in you almost as a natural necessity. In Mani you will easily find small horseback riding centers and clubs with instructors who undertake your equestrian excursions in nature. Try this unique experience and you will have gained not only an unforgettable walk in nature but also a different path to your best self.  *Remember to visit the traditional Museum of the Equestrian Club located in the city.

water sports

From water skiing, SUP and diving, to a boat tour in the once pirate hiding places, Mani is ideal for water discoveries and activities. An ideal place not only for advanced level athletes but also for all those who decide to take their first steps in a sport with the guidance of experienced instructors of an organized school.   


If for you the relaxation of the holidays is synonymous with amateur fishing, snorkeling and exploring the seabed, the seas of Mani promise you that you will enjoy to the maximum your favorite activities. 


Neo Oitylo, Limeni, Marmari, Porto Kagio, Chalikia, Vata, Gerolimenas, Kalogria, Fonea, Mavrovouni, Mezapos, Kyparissos, Ambelos, Alypa..... The coastline of Mani is full of picturesque beaches, paved with sand or pebbles, and seas with crystal clear waters ideal for the most enjoyable and accessible to all mode of sport, swimming.