Akrolithi Boutique Hotel & Guesthouse

experience a unique hospitality in Mani at the edge between sky and sea...

the local flavors

When you get to know a place and love it, saying goodbye you want to take a little bit of its flavor with you. That is why we at Akrolithi with your arrival welcome you with a treat and on your departure we see you off with a spoon sweet as a thank you gift for choosing to stay with us. In the shops of the area you can also buy to take with you olives, olive oil, honey, sfela cheese, delicious spoon sweets and jams, aromatic plants and herbs, and excellent local wines.

the smile of the locals

Every place is its people. The straightforwardness in their eyes, the way they say “good morning”, the chance encounters, a group of friends that unites in the spur of the moment, new friendships, even people you may never see again but their smile will remain etched in the pages of your memories.     

the warmth hospitality

How priceless is it to feel like home away from home. To come as a stranger to a place and in the moment to feel as if you have always known it. To leave and already feel the nostalgia. This is the Greek hospitality, perhaps one of the most valuable virtues of this country, and the best “souvenir” that you will carry with you forever.   

the promise of return

It is our greatest joy here at Akrolithi when our guests when leaving do not say “Goodbye” but “We will be back soon!”. Keep this promise like a small amulet in your heart, to accompany you until the next time we meet in this blessed place, in our Mani.