experience a unique hospitality in Mani at the edge between sky and sea...

about Akrolithi family


The love for our land, its history and culture pushed us to dream of a place that will hospitably embrace its visitors. We are Michalis, Panagiota and our 4 children, and our roots go back years to the beautiful Oitylos, in Mani. This is where the dream took root, which, thanks to your love, continues for years now, day by day.

our story

In 2004 we decided to create a special place of residence, a small hotel complex, with respect for the local architecture and the nature of Mani. We chose very carefully the place of its construction, which gave to the hotel its name: “Akrolithi” (meaning edge of the rock) but also our motto: “Akrolithi, at the edge between sky and sea”. In 2018 this space was to grow. Our towers with their characteristic overbearing presence and we, the Akrolithi family, are waiting for you to experience a unique experience of accommodation and pure hospitality.  

we are proud of

stone and olive

If one element expresses to the absolute degree the rebellious Mani, this is the stone; a material that covered our towers and was used generously in the outdoor spaces. Crossing our gardens, you will be left with the sweet smells of our sage, oregano, thyme and citrus, and you will share our emotion facing the age-old olive trees that were transferred here from our ancestral lands.

Our vision and mission...

The warmth of hospitality, the obvious or hidden messages that every bit of this place emits, the joy in the small moments, and the greatness of Mani... This is what we would like each of our visitors to keep, and then become the best ambassador of Akrolithi and our land. We thank you and we look forward to seeing you!