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Traditional Mani Wedding

The traditional ceremonial

The term "joy," as they used to call weddings in the once rugged Maniac society, used to be the sole reason for lively celebrations and dances! The sealing of the union used to be always accompanied by joyful gunfire, both before and after the wedding, resonating the connection of the couple and their respective families from end to end.

Relatives and friends from all villages used to be invited, marking the beginning of wedding preparations that used to start with the arrangement of the house where the new couple would reside. This house, traditionally belonging to the groom, used to be repaired and whitewashed to ensure its sturdiness and radiance. In contrast, the bride's family used to contribute to the new home by "endowing" her with fields and various household items, including clothes, blankets, or what they used to call "bananies" adorned with coins of considerable value. These dowries were used to be paraded on horses and mules, decorated with colorful silk scarves woven by the women of Mani themselves. Meanwhile, all the girls, relatives, and friends used to gather to grind wheat and make the breads for the wedding table.

Over the years, weddings in beautiful Mani used to be enriched with various other events and customs, such as the preparation of the traditional dessert "dipla" with the wish that the marriage would "fold," meaning solidify. During the ceremony inside and later outside the church, guests used to shower the couple with rice, symbolically "rooting" the marriage!

The preparation of the bride and her adornment used to always have a special place in the entire ritual, with her female friends and relatives used to go to her house early to groom her and help her put on her stunning wedding dress.

On the other hand, the preparation of the groom used to be always a simpler task, focusing mainly on the kazouras of the groom's male friends and relatives and the clinking of glasses filled with exquisite Kalamon raki, always accompanied by the wish, "To your joys!"

From then until today, many of these customs are still being revived, while others have been lost over time. However, the joy of a couple's marriage used to remain indelible and in a special place in the hearts of Mani people to this day.


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