experience a unique hospitality in Mani at the edge between sky and sea...

'Greek Breakfast' by Akrolithi!

Taste the whole of Mani in one bite!

Savor a dreamy stay by starting your day with a rich and delectable breakfast overlooking the boundless blue sea, all with the signature of Akrolithi!


Akrolithi participates in the awarded 'Greek Breakfast,' certified by the Greek Chamber of Hotels.

Always aiming to offer you the best possible experience while introducing you to our place and traditions, we invite you to experience firsthand our renewed traditional 'Greek breakfast,' crafted with homemade care using the purest products of Mani, straight from our orchard!

Enjoy it in the splendid setting of our restaurant, gazing at the unmatched virgin beauty of the landscape, closing your eyes with each bite and sip...